Most women don’t know how to give THIS


When It comes to figuring out men, I had to learn a lot of it on my own. I didn’t have the luxury of having my father-or any male role model for that matter-around to put me on “game”. So a lot of lessons learned about dealing with a man were through trial and error. But the most important thing I did learn (the hard way) is the importance of giving RESPECT to my man. Unfortunately, this isn’t widely known to many women. To no fault of their own.


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Many people go into relationships under false pretenses and misguided notions. Their only point of reference is the broken relationships they’ve grown up seeing in their own lives. So here’s what you should take notice of to help you weed through the women that will only aid in fostering an unhealthy situation.

  1. Did she have a father in the home? Or any positive male role model for that matter? If she didn’t, there’s an increased chance that she doesn’t know how to effectively communicate with the male gender. When she gets upset or pissed off about whatever it is you said or did, she will blatantly disrespect you by belittling you and/or emasculating you.
  2. If she did have a father in the home, how was their relationship? Was it a healthy one or a toxic one. For the women who had toxic fathers, the have the tendency to find mentally and physically abusive partners that remind them of their fathers.
  3. Does she know where she comes from? If you meet someone who was adopted or raised in foster care. That’s another challenge. This woman will more likely struggle with abandonment and lack of self worth issues which will invade your relationship. Are you willing to take on a lifetime subscription?


There are other things that can also contribute to why women don’t understand the concept of giving respect to men. Another thing is, reality shows. Especially the ones with a predominately urban cast. A lot of the women on those shows are role models to young girls who don’t know any better and will copy and paste the negativity right into their relationships.


But like I said earlier, it’s not their fault, I openly admit that I fall under all 3 of the signs you should look out for-but I eventually learned.  So I leave you with this gentlemen, most of the women you’ll meet has a trunk full of unresolved baggage. I would highly suggest you wish her well and back away. She will NOT be able to give you the respect that you need in a healthy relationship.


Have you dealt with disrespect in your current or previous relationship? What was the relationship with her father like? Comment below. Until next time…

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