How to talk to girls at parties


It’s Friday night and your boys dragged you to this party that you really didn’t want to go to. Then one of your friends tells you that they heard from the grapevine that the girl you’ve been crushing on just broke up with her boyfriend and she’ll be at this same party. Your mood quickly improves and you’re now on a mission to have a really great night. But then you realize, you’ve never had a real conversation with her, and the ones you did have were all in your head.


So what’s your next move? How do you approach her and what do you say to her? So many questions, and I’ve got the answers!


If you haven’t read the “3 C’s to Attract Women” post, be sure to read that first before you finish reading this one. You’ll need to have those 3 C’s in place to make sure this encounter goes smoothly. Also, if you’re not at a party- refer to this post, to find out the “fail-proof way to talk to any girl“. Ok, so now that you’re all set, this is how to talk to girls at parties:


  1. Don’t cower– Fight your natural urge to run away from the situation. That is a surefire way to fail at this moment. Chances are, she’ll be surrounded with a group of her female friends and getting attention also means getting theirs. So just brace yourself and take deep breaths as you get closer to them.
  2. Compliment– Be a gentleman and compliment all the ladies in the group with a simple. “Wow ladies, looking good tonight.” Then offer to buy/get each of them a drink.
  3. Ask for help– Now you want to separate your crush from her flock by asking her if she could help you go get the drinks and carry them back for her friends. This is a subtle technique to let everyone know who you’re really after.
  4. Engage in Convo– Now this will be the hardest part. You’ve isolated her and you both are walking away to get drinks. What do you say?
    1. (Her name) Thanks for coming to help me. I’m not sure if I would have enough thumbs to carry all the drinks back. (This should get a giggle-but feel free to use your own material)
    2. (Small talk). It’s really crazy in here, didn’t realize there would be so many people. Are you having fun?
    3. (Agree with her) That’s good, yeah me too. I almost didn’t want to go out, but my friends practically had to drag me…
    4. (Ask question) Do you usually go out on the weekends? Where do you like to go? (Wait for answer)
    5. (Secure a date) Oh ok, next Friday…can we maybe meet up there? I’d like to see you again.


Bam! There you have it, how to talk to girls at parties. Piece of cake right? I know… let me know if you’ve used a similar approach before in the comments. Until next time…

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