How to Know if You’re an Ugly Dude

I’m going to give it to you straight-no chaser. Not everyone meets “societal standards of beauty”. That is why society came up with the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Of course it is true, what you think is pretty/appealing may not be the same for me. But there are some things that have been deemed ugly that can’t be denied no matter who you are. So before I go any further, I do not aim to hurt anyone’s feelings although this may do just that. So if you are a sensitive person, please, exit now and read another blog post that I’ve written, this one is just not for you.still and other don’t?

>>> Looks don’t matter on this site. <<<

So they other day, I got a message from a friend and he told me that he was just fed up with everything and everyone. He just got passed over for a promotion at his job, he hates living with his mom (in his mid 30’s) and he can’t seem to get anyone to be with him (relationship wise).  All the girls he’s dealt with have always falsely led him on and stopped talking to him once he quit giving them money. Now I tried my best to comfort him the best I could, but I couldn’t do him the disservice of feeding him the same bullshit lines…”oh don’t worry, this too shall past”. So as his friend, I told him as gently as possible the following:

  • If he hasn’t been able to get laid without paying for it, there is something about his personality/being that is unattractive to the women he is looking to get close to.
  • As his friend, I’ve notice that he doesn’t think highly of himself, so that is a no-no when scouting for a girlfriend. Most women want to be with a confident man that takes care of himself.
  • Money is always going to be a factor, sorry to say it, but there is no way around it. If you’re not paying for something at some point in the interaction with the female you have your eyes set on, it’s already going to fail.

>>> Pick a girl, any girl…which one do you want? <<<

Now most may think the last point is a gold digger mentality, but whatever you can’t get for free, you’ll eventually have to pay for it since your options are non existent. Why do you think some men still pay for sex?  Every moment that any female is spending with a guy that is less than attractive to her (in her opinion) monetary transactions need to be taken place to keep this relationship going. So if you every wonder if you’re considered one of societies “ugly” people….there is your answer. If she doesn’t want to be with you when she has “free time” you may just have to keep that wallet open. But the choice is yours…