How to know if SHE likes You


Last night I got a call from my not so little brother. He is away at college and of course doing what teenage boys do best when they are away from the scrutiny of family and nosy parents, attempting to court as many college girls as possible.

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He called me with a burning question, a question that every young male asks at one point or another, “how do I know if she likes me?” Well the answer is quiet simple and my 19 year old brother was shocked when I answered him. “If she smiles.


I could sense my little brother on the other end of the line, trying to make sense of the not so complex answer that I had just given him. He responded, “That’s all? I mean, she was smiling hard the entire conversation.” “Yes, young grasshopper, that is the key to decoding the complexities of the female gender,” I added.


Still in disbelief, we continued our conversation as I tried my best to be a good big sister and properly equip my baby brother on the next steps to wooing this “thick as hell” girl that he described. I was extremely supportive being that she was a black girl.


For those that still need further explanation about how to tell if a girl/woman likes you, she’ll smile frequently during the the encounter. I can recall sometime last year when I experienced the school girl giggles. It was embarrassing at the time, but now that I think about it, it was nice. It’s been a while since I met someone that had that kind of affect on me.


I must warn you that this smile is NOT to be confused with the “I’m-just-being-polite-smile”. That smile is usually followed by a swift exit. There is also the fake smile that is put on to give you the false sense of interest but she’s only giving you her time because she is trying to avoid some one or make  someone jealous or buy time until a better opportunity presents itself.


There you have it gentlemen, you are yet another step closer to mastering the art of decoding the female gender. How does it feel? Great! Comment below and let me know about your 1st school girl crush. Until next time…

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