Fail-Proof Way to Talk to a Girl Any Where


I’ve heard (from guys) that talking to a woman out in public is a nerve wrecking experience. I feel you-we’ve all been there. So we’re in the same boat. With that said, I’ll throw you a life line to help make this first encounter a bit easier for you. For this example, we’ll use a school setting:


So you’re in class and you see your crush walk through the doors and take her seat. (Let’s call her Brittney). Brittney is beautiful-the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. School is almost out for summer break and you’ve been secretly pinning over her gorgeous deep brown eyes, luscious long locks of hair, that radiant smile and feminine softness she exudes. How do you make your move? Simple- Ask for help!


Girls-Women are nurtures by nature- we are (usually-always) eager to help when help is requested. So back to Brittney, walk over to her compliment (not her appearance, something she’s done) then ask for help.


You: “Hey Brittney, I heard you aced the test last week. You’re an undercover genius aren’t you?”
Brittney: “Lol, I wouldn’t say that”.
You: “No really, you’re very smart & pretty…I was wondering if you could help me study for the final exam before school lets out, I didn’t do as well as you did last week.”
Brittney: “Yeah sure, a study group sounds great.”


Bam! Just like that you’re on Brittney’s radar!

If Brittney doesn’t respond well, and isn’t interested in helping you, here are a few reasons why:


  1. Brittney doesn’t like you.
  2. Brittney likes girls.
  3. Brittney is an ass.


So why do you compliment something Brittney’s done, and not her outward appearance? Because chances are she get’s it all the time, and she won’t really pay you any mind after you become the umpteenth person to say how pretty she is. But when you look past her appearance and you take notice of something she’s accomplish, that will truly make her feel special.


I gave the school grade crush as an example only because almost anyone can relate to that scenario. But feel free to take that to the workplace. Is there a co-worker you fancy? Ask her to help you meet a deadline before you get canned. At the gym? Ask her if she can spot you or help you stretch.


There you are, good Luck! Let me know in the comments below how it went for you. Until next time…

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