Does the Size Matter to Us?

The answer to this age old question is a resounding YES! But it’s not what you think. Bigger isn’t always better and sometimes it’s best to go with a small penis and here is why…

If you’re messing around with a young lady (with consent of course) and she happens to be a virgin. Being a Tiny Tim (society standard of a small penis, 5 inches or less) is ideal. Consider yourself lucky to be the one to introduce her to the male genitalia. You will never be forgotten and chances are you won’t hurt her as much as someone with 9 inches or more. The goal is to loosen her up, until she’s ready to take the wheel sort of speak.

Now the hard part for most of you on the smaller end of the spectrum is keeping this virgin. As long as she stays with you, you’ll always be the perfect size for her. But the second you mess up and she strays, you’re screwed. She will find out the truth about you and the only time she’ll come back your way is if she wants to sit on your face or ask you for money.  Sorry to be the one to break that news to you.

>>> Tiny Tims are always welcomed here. <<<

If you are part of the Average Joe club (6-8 inches) you have the right to be cocky. (Pun intended.) You are fortunate to have a magic wand that will put a smile on a girls face even if you don’t really know how to use it. I mean, if you put in that work with the strokes, she’ll definitely claim you forever yours till death. But even if you’re mediocre, you’ll never have to hear “That’s why your dick is small” in an argument.

The challenge for the average Joes is the girth of your penis. What most of you gentlemen may not realize, having a 6 incher with 3 inches of girth is a lot better than having 8 inches with 1 inch of girth. This is especially noticeable to us females that have been around the way. (Not me of course…lol)

Now you’ve hit Mandingo status normally when you hear “OMG, you’re so big”. Usually you’re about 9 inches or more in length and hearing that statement is the norm for you. Yeah, go ahead and feel yourself up. You are where most men dream of being but will never get to. But you’ve got shortcomings too. (LOL)

More often than not, you won’t get all of it in. And when you try to, she will end up trying to run away. (I’ve been there). Most women think they want a Mandingo but when push come to shove, they really want an average Joe with a decent girth.

So the only winners here are the Average Joes. The Tiny Tims of the world, get comfortable eating the groceries and and being the ATM and Mandingo, dabble in the porn industry and model in ads for penis enlargement pills.

Did I leave you feeling self conscious? Which one are you: Tiny Tim, Average Joe or Mandingo? Comment below and until next time…

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