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Does Height Matter to Females?

When it comes to dating, there are a few questions that men just can’t escape. No matter how badly they’d like to avoid it. And of course if you’ve been blessed with height 6 feet or taller, you don’t mind when this question pops up in conversation. Others on the other hand, 5’7 and shorter, tend to cringe at this invasive question, and cross their fingers in hopes that their height isn’t a deal breaker for future dates.

Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but height does matter and if you’re short, it does effect future dates. But you probably already knew this. So is there a way around this height situation? Well it depends on the girl you’re talking to. For me, I’d like to be with a guy who is 6 foot or taller, there is just something so sexy and “man-ish” about a guy that towers over me. But I can admit, this “idea” of tall, dark and handsome might just be part of some subliminal programming from the fairy tale stories I read during childhood.

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Now that I am old enough to be aware of the probable of effects of external forces, I had to re-analyze my preferences in men. I once spoke to a gentlemen that I met through Facebook. He and I hit it off quiet well and in no time, he and I exchanged numbers. One thing led to another and I could definitely see a potential relationship brewing. But of course, he and I were in different states and meeting each other for the first time would take some planning. During the normal course of conversation, I casually asked him how tall he was-he answered 5’2.

Immediately, the level of his attractiveness went down hill. There is something that turned me off about his height. Which of course didn’t make any sense, especially because he was still the same person that I fell for during our on going communications via Facebook chats and private phone calls. But nonetheless, that height  wasn’t “manly” enough for me, especially being that I would be the one who would tower him. Not by much, (I’m 5’5), but still, looking “down” at my man was never something that I would envision for myself.

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There is also the matter of future children that I have to consider, if we were to have a baby girl, height wouldn’t really matter as much, but I wouldn’t want my baby boy to take after his father in height. That wouldn’t be fair to him-at least in my opinion. Even with all this overthinking, I do realize that I am putting myself at risk at loosing out on a really great guy that has everything I want in a partner, but I’d easily dismiss him because of his height, something that he cannot control. I get it it, and I’m sure it’s already happened-a few times… but I’ve made my peace with that.

The question is, can you make peace with encountering women who will easily write you off because of your height? If so then don’t lie on your dating profiles! I’ve noticed that most of you guys have mastered the art of picture angles when you take selfies. These angles give off the false illusion that you are taller than your really are. This is clever but this rouse will not last if you plan on meeting up with her in person.

Has your height ever been a deal breaker? If so tell me about it in the comments below. Until next time…

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