Do THIS, and You’ll Piss Her Off!


Time and time again, men everywhere have done one or more things to piss a girl off. Whether it is by accident or on purpose, the end result is the same. But most of the times if you avoid THIS one thing,
you’ll avoid getting the silent treatment. So let me tell you a story…


I met this guy off Tinder (my only dating app-it’s free) and for the purpose of this post, we’ll call him “Emerson“. So Emerson and I hit it off quiet well, we eventually met up and got to know each other. Fast forward, he makes plans for us to go out one weekend. I was super excited, mostly because at that time, I hadn’t been out for a while since it was a challenge matching up his work schedule with me getting a sitter for my daughter. The day and time  comes and I’m dressed and ready.


One hour, two hours, three hours goes by and nothing. I’m still at home, and no response from Emerson since I’ve been texting and calling him to see what happened. He never bothered to call me a head of time or send me a quick text as to what was going on with him. When he finally did, it was the next day and I had fallen asleep with my going-out clothes on. I rolled over to check my phone and all I saw was. “My bad, how about tonight“?


What the fuck?” Is all I could think to reply back. He ended up trying to call me, which of course was met with the decline option on my phone. Did he really think that he could get away with that response after leaving me hanging? Is that what you guys do? (I know, NOT all.)


But anyway…moral of the story….don’t EVER leave a girl hanging! Be a man of your word. If you make plans, keep them. In the event you really can’t meet at the day and time that was agreed on, call her in advance (preferably the day before-but no later than an hour before) to let her know that there is a change in plans. While doing so, the first thing out of your mouth should be “I apologize, but I won’t be able to make it tonight, let me make it up to you [insert new date and time here]”.


If you don’t do this, she will surely be pissed off, and depending on what stage you are in the relationship, she may never be able to trust you. This goes without saying, but I had to let Emerson go, but he still tries to randomly pop back in my texts asking me how I’m doing, and if I want to meet up. Mind you, he has NEVER thought to apologize for his actions. SMDH….Don’t be Emerson, be a better man.


Have you ever had to cancel on your date? Comment below and until next time…

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