Dating Apps: How to Stand Out

I am by no means an expert when it comes to dating apps, but I have sure spent lots of unnecessary time on them and have been sorely disappointed. Out of hundreds of profiles that I’ve sorted through, maybe just little over a handful have made the cut to where I’ve actually exchanged numbers with them. Once properly filtered, I still haven’t actually met up with more than 10 guys in all the 4 years “searching”. But I can’t complain, each of those gentlemen have treated me to a free meal, so it paid off some how…lol

>>> Skip the dating apps, go straight to the “fun”. <<<

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t about free meals, but about how to stand out in the crowd with your tinder dating profile or whatever dating profile you have for whatever site or app. In my humble opinion, many of you gentleman seem to think dating apps are a big joke, and it clearly shows in how you present yourself on your profile. I’ve seen the most unnecessary things that completely baffle me. “Like really? Why dude?”

  • Profile pictures of you sleeping
  • In a Halloween Wig
  • 5+ other dudes in the pic with you
  • Showing off your sneakers
  • Kissing your dog
  • Shirt off flexing
  • Gray sweatpants showing off your dick print
  • Hugged up with your “sister”
  • Playing with your “niece”
  • You in the hospital bed
  • Showing off your hair waves
  • Looking plain dirty asf
  • No profile pic up
  • No written bio

Those are just the few that I could think of off the top of my head. But seriously though? Why would you think that is an appropriate picture to put up, especially as your main? Ever heard of 1st impressions? Do you not care about that? Or did you put up the profile to waste time? Urgh! As you can clearly tell, I am in my emotions when it comes to this topic. In the beginning, I really was trying to take these apps seriously, but overtime, I’m just like eff it. If you guys don’t care why should I bother? Any way, let me move on before I go on a rant.

>>> These girls don’t care what you look like or need fancy dates. <<<

When it comes to standing out with your profile all you have to do is be YOURSELF. Don’t try and flex, be as genuine as possible and SMILE! I don’t understand why most men don’t smile in their pictures…always mean muggin…not attractive at all. Some ideas for profile pics are as follows:

  • Selfie with a plain, non-disruptive background or in your car
  • Plan a photo shoot! (Picture People) It’s what $30-$50 and keep them to use for at least 2-3 years before really needing to update-unless you have facial hair or made any drastic hair changes.
  • Take scenic pictures, you on a beach, at a park or travelling

Those were just to name a few. But overall, do us girls a favor, most girls are on these dating apps looking for someone on a serious tip. So if you want to do your part, just take the extra 2-3 minutes to write in your bio what your intentions are and why you’re listed so that way it makes it a lot easier to swipe left.