Before You Date a Single Mom- Read This

Single women playing too many head games? Need someone more serious? Single mom’s are all the rage. No, seriously…here’s what you should consider before dating a single mom…

Now I may be a tad bit bias on this post- hell I’m biased on all my post. After all, this is MY site. But anyway, being a single mom, I speak from the heart on this. In the dating scene, us moms (usually) don’t have the time or energy to play around. We (usually) know what we want and need from a significant other and we can tell (almost) immediately if you’re a time waster.\

If possible, put yourself in our shoes. Day in and day out, our lives revolve around 1 or more little humans that are extremely needy and demanding. We barely have time for ourselves because we are always doing for someone else. We can’t even go to the bathroom or sleep by ourselves with out a little human joining us. Alone time is precious and when the opportunity presents itself, we indulge.

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So if you and I are on a date, the quickest way into my pants (just keeping it real) is through acts of service. Take me out to a restaurant where I can watch someone cook for me for once, treat me to a spa day-best believe my muscles are tense, better yet take me to the grocery store and let me know that the items are on you.

Single moms are less complex than the average female. We spend much of our days catering to little people that we end up neglecting ourselves. What’s even worst, we can spend consecutive days without speaking to or interacting with another adult depending on the individual circumstance. Being a single mom is lonely more often than not, so we really look for a companion that serious.

Woman without kids have more free time, and they may not necessarily be in a “rush” to be in a tied down situation. Single moms- like me are not necessarily in a rush, but we don’t want to spend 4 years of our lives with someone, have them meet the kids only for it not to work out. So- yeah…come correct or don’t at all.

Also, don’t be broke. If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t beat around the bush. If you have your eyes set on mom, make sure your bank account is in order and have a car-that should be a given but you’d be surprised.

A guy from tinder asked me out, but he told me that I had to come pick him up or if I couldn’t he wouldn’t mind taking the bus to meet me. You see, I’ve been there, but back when I was in High School. Although he seemed like a nice guy, that is probably going places, I am not at a place where I am willing to take that struggling journey with him. I wished him the best in luck with life, but I’ve got my own shit, that I don’t need his added on.

Did I scare you away from single moms? Comment below..until next time…

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