3 Types of Women You Should Stay Away From


We live in a world where not everyone you’ll encounter in life has good intentions. It’s unfortunate, but that is just how the cookie crumbles. With that said, you have to be extremely cautious with the people that you bring into your life. Sometimes you can’t get rid of them as easy as you’d hope. So pay close attention to the following, here are 3 types of women you should stay away from:


  1. The Drama Addict– This woman loves…you guessed drama! If nothing negative is going on in her life or in someone else’s life that she’s close with, she will not be able to function properly. She has a double major in gossip & exaggeration. She is known to tell half-truths and talk about other peoples business. She loves complaining about all the things that are going wrong, but will quickly cut you the side eye if you dare give her a solution. This particular woman is deadly! She will have you going gray earlier than you should and you might even find yourself 6 feet under! Yes, you read that correctly. She is toxic and most of her family and friends will probably be too. Birds of a feather flock together, so be careful with this one.
  2. Damaged Goods– This woman is very common to encounter and more than likely had an upbringing of one of the following: adopted, was in foster care, raised by a single mom/grandparent, was molested and or physically abused her childhood years. Many women in this category can overcome their past, but first they have to realize that they are essentially broken and at the same time want better for themselves. You’ll be able to spot a woman who is damaged goods by her lack of self esteem, tends to end up in abusive relationships and has huge amounts of pent up anger inside her. When you meet this woman, you’ll have to decide if you can withstand the emotional roller coaster you’ll be on and if you are patient enough to build her back up. If you can, she’ll be an amazing woman to be with. Find more about this woman here.
  3. Materialistic– Or better known as the “Gold Digger“. Now I mentioned in this post, that most women are gold diggers meaning we look for men who can financially provide. I mean, who wants to ride public transit when you don’t have to right? But these materialistic women I’m referring to are on a whole other level. These are the women that are only as loyal to depending on what you can tangibly give to them. The second you’re down on your luck, she’s not wasting time looking for her next sponsor. You’ll see her for what she is immediately, she more than likely keeps herself looking good at all times-on someone else’s dime and she’s never had to work hard for anything she has. I mean…if laying on her back is working hard… All the conversations you’ll  have with her will be superficial, she probably won’t care too much about what’s going on with you personally, unless it directly effects your cash flow. You’ll never be able to make this type of woman happy-she can’t even make herself happy. The materialistic things she acquires won’t ever fill the empty void that is her soul. If you ever meet her, she is only useful for being arm candy at an event and maybe a nightcap. But you’ll definitely have to pay her for that.

There you have it gentlemen! 3 types of women you should stay away from, that is if you want to stay alive, be a construction worker or go broke. If you’ve already had the misfortune of dealing with any one of the women mentioned, please leave a comment below so others can be warned once again. Until next time…

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