3 Steps to Getting 3rd Base Without Asking

This post is yet another one that is inspired by my not so little brother. In the same conversation we had about how to know if a girl likes him, he also wanted to know what signs to look for that would give him the green light togo to third base. SMDH! Talk about the microwave generation, from “Hi, I like you do you like me? Yes? Great! Let’s have sex!

Being the cool and awesome sis that I am, gave little bro the juice. I mean, he’s going to do it regardless right? So why not equip him with the proper foundation for success? And that’s exactly what I did. So to the guys out there reading this, take copious notes.

I did scold him a bit for being so thirsty to dive into this girl who he barely knows. I asked him why he was in a rush, and of course he had no valid reason, he just wanted to experience this thing called sex. I get it, I was younger than he is when I lost my virginity, so I guess I was thirstier. But we’re not talking about me here. Then he expressed how he knows in his gut that she’s not a virgin. When I asked him how, he responded “because she’s thick as hell and she just broke up with her boyfriend.” If I could have reached into the phone and slapped him upside his head, I would have. But nonetheless, I let him in on how to get to third base.

Disclaimer: NOT every female will respond the same way and I am NOT the sole spokesperson for girls and women worldwide. So just consider what I’m about to share with you a starting point for those who haven’t the slightest clue. Just tweak it a bit for each female you encounter. Also most IMPORTANTLY, hearing the word “NO”-Means STOP what you’re doing, and leave her alone.

>>> These girls are always hot and ready for a fun time. <<<

So let me set the scene (I’m explaining to my brother), you and her are on the couch chillin’ after your movie date. You casually put your arm around and lean in for a kiss. If she doesn’t pull away or put her hand up against your chest to block you. Proceed to step 1:

  1. As you and her are making out, slowly feel your way up her shirt and make your way to one of her boobs. Then with the most gentle of pressure, squeeze slightly. If you are able to accomplish that without her reacting negatively, proceed to step 2:
  2. Slowly back away from under her shirt and make you way to her inner thigh. Just under the crotch area and in between her legs. You’ll know exactly where I’m talking about because that part of the female body always stays a few degrees warmer. Especially if “she’s thick as hell“. When you get there, you’ll repeat the gentle squeeze. If she doesn’t push your hand away, you’re in the clear. At this point, she may even open her legs a bit to let your hands fit in better. If she takes that as an opportunity to climb on top of your lap- you’re dealing with a thot, but hey I guess that’s the goal right? SMH…proceed to step 3.
  3. Now you’re in the home stretch (I think I’m using that correctly, I hear it all the time as a sports analogy.) and last and final test is attempting to unbutton her pants. This is the moment when shit gets real and when panic happens if it’s going to happen. Before now, you were just playful groping her, now, you’re attempting to unzip her jeans and she’s getting an alert to her brain to make sure she understands what exactly is about to take place. So it’s either she’s down or she’s going to say something to stop what’s taking place.

Now, being that you’re a gentleman-right? Even if she doesn’t say stop or push you away, still attempt to get a verbal confirmation that what is taking place-she’s comfortable with.  Also, I don’t care if the condom is on (always have condoms handy!) and her legs are spread-eagle if she waits until that moment to say “NO”, back the fuck up!

Still have questions? Leave them in the comment below. Until next time…

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