3 C’s to Attract Women


Millions of men want to know how to attract women at some point in time in their lives. But you’d think by now, the “secret” would be out and no one would have to ask anymore, right? I mean, it is 2018 and people have been around for millions of years, so why is it that the answer isn’t passed down from father to son? Well, do not despair, I’m here to help you.


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Attracting women isn’t as hard as you got it wrapped up in your head to be and I can almost bet that you are overthinking a very simple concept. So let’s get started with what I’ve come up with (it might have been influenced by other people-so don’t come for me if this isn’t exactly an original thought.) I call it the 3 C’s to Attracting Women.


  1. Have Confidence– When you approach a woman, you need to be all the way confident in who you are as a man. You need to be aware of your best character traits-what makes people like you or gravitate to you. As well as be happy with your appearance. What you look like physically. If this first “C” isn’t all the way together, STOP right now and go get some confidence.
  2. Have Cash– Yes, you should have known that this was coming. Cash is King and if your pockets are deep, you know that “he who has money attracts the ladies”. Women gravitate to men who can provide financially, that’s no secret. If you’re thinking that women are gold diggers-feel free to do so. Just make sure you’ve got some gold if you want to be on their radar. Think about it, women by nature are nurturers, not providers. So when it comes to survival, women naturally want a man that can provide at least the basic necessities, food, water & shelter. If you can barely afford to do that for yourself, let alone another person, learn how to make money before you go after trying to attract woman.
  3. Be Cautious– As pretty as women are, is just as fragile as they can be. So please take heed to the following. When you have your eyes set on whoever, please be cautious with their heart, sex and time. In other words, don’t move to fast into any “situationship” with a woman. Move at her pace. Every female you’ll encounter is at a different place in their lives and want different things. So be cautious in all that you do with her- let her take the lead. When it comes to her heart- don’t play with it, if you’re not trying to be in anything serious tell her that from the beginning. If you just want to “kick it”, “hang out” or “see how things go”, make sure that you know when you have sex with her-the crazy may come out. What I mean is that sex with women is very serious-we have the tendency to get possessive-especially if the sex is good. Lastly, her time- just don’t waste it. Let her know where your head is at so that she can decide whether or not she agrees to the terms and conditions you come with.

There you have it gentlemen, the 3 C’s to attract women. Which “C” do you need to work on? Comment below and until next time…

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